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补习 Our Services Playgroup 进修增强班 服务地点与时间表
Attn Parents, we are upgrading our website to both PC & Mobile user Interface version. Meanwhile the On-line Registration is under construction. Pls call or Whatsapp us at 90010229 (Mr Leong) for any assistance.
2019 Time-Table for all Centres
( Daily & Weekend Playgroup Class)
2019  Time-Table for all Centres
(Tuition & Enrichment Class)
2019 Adroit Public Holiday & School Holiday Calendar
* Playgroup Uniform Promotion
For New 2019 Daily Playgroup Registration, Entitled to purchase the 2nd Set uniform at $12 ( usual price $18 per set).
* 2019 Nursery Phonics & Reading Promotion
For Existing Playgroup Students. Pay only $60 (for Jan-Mar 2019), normal price $70 per month. Pls call or check with our teachers for more details.
* Early Bird Discount *
Register for 2019 Tuition / Enrichment Class before 31 Jan 2019 & Enjoy a Discount of $10 off from Material Fee payment.
Please refer to our  New Time-Table of respective Centres for more details.
Applicable to new students registration only.

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2019 Playgroup Registration are available now.

For your convenience, you may like to register On-line. Please Click on the Button.

Alternatively, you may see our respective teachers during Class Schedule.  Pls call us for more details.

For Child Born in 2016 - 2017 (18 months to 4 Yrs Old)

2019 Playgroup Registration  

Registration 2017 Nursery Phonics Promotion

For more details or further Enquiry, please contact us at 67941297.

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