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Common  Question & Answer

Q1 What is the qualification standard of the Playgroup Teachers?

A1 Our Teachers are trained and have obtained the relevant Certification in Pre-School Teaching
     (e.g.  CPT, DPT & others). They are experienced in handling children of ages from 18 months to 6
      years old.


Q2  How many students will there be in a classroom?

A2  Our Teacher to Student Ratio will be at :-

    1 Teacher + 1 Assistant : 15 Students


Q3 Will the teacher allow parents to join the class for the first few days?

A3  Yes, one of the parent will be allowed to accompany the child for the first few days.


Q4 Are the children in the class of the same age group?

A4  The child in the class will be in the age range of 18 months to 3 Years old.  

    The teacher will group them during lesson time.


Q5 Does your centre follow the school holidays?

A5  Our Playgroup School holiday will be 1 week in June month & 1 week in Dec month.
      (Please refer our Holiday and School Holidays in the parent guide).


Q6 Is the Material Fee refundable for any student withdrawal?

A6  Material Fees are payable on half yearly basis.
      Material Fee paid are not refundable in any case of student withdrawal.


Q7 Is the Playgroup Deposit Refundable?  
       What are the procedures for refund request?

A7  All Playgroup Deposit will be utilized to offset from the last month fee of your child at the centre.  

    Under normal situation, the Playgroup Deposit will be used to offset from the December Month Fees
     for the year. Kindly note that there will not be any  deposit refund in form of Cash to parent.

     Should there be any intent of utilizing the Deposit for Withdrawal, an advance 1 month notification
      must be given to the teacher on this decision.

      E.g. After the 1st Month (Jan), parent found that the kids could not adapt to the class,
             during 2nd Month (Feb), the parent will inform the teacher on the intent of withdrawal.  
             In this case, the parent need not pay the teacher on the beginning of month fees
             collection as the deposit will be utilized to pay off the respective month fee.


Q8 What if my child fall sick frequently and I have no choice but to stop sending him to school?  
       Will your centre refund us the deposit and the material fees?

A8  In some case of student taking short break as advice by the Child's Doctor e.g. 2 weeks or even up
     to 1-2 months.  Parent does not need to pay for this period of absence.  The Deposit will still be
     maintained with us to secure your child place in the class. Parents are requested to produce Doctor’s
     MC to our teacher for such cases. There is no refund of deposit and material in this case.


Q9 Can my child join your playgroup if he/she is not toilet trained yet and still on diapers?

A9  Our Playgroup Programme does not require your child to be toilet trained. If your child is still on      diapers, there is no problem for him/her to join our Playgroup. Do remember to bring along extra      diapers in his/her bag so that the teacher or assistant can change it for your child if necessary.


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