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A child development is more than just physical growth. The early years of your child are vital for her cognitive, social and emotional development as well. With our fun-packed Playgroup programme & the parental love and support, we can help your child to cross the various stages of child development.

Our Playgroup Programme is suitable for Children of 18 months & above to 3 Years Old.

How does PlayGroup benefit your child ?

Words from parents

These are some words from our Playgroup students’ parent. Do feel free to share with us on the observation of your child and their  progress in our programme.

We really appreciate all  parents for their valuable time & effort  to share with us & others.



What will your child learn at Playgroup Programme?

In our Playgroup Programme, your child will gain exposure in - Language (English & Chinese), Music Awareness, Art & Craft, Mathematics Skill, PC Interactive Learning, Constructive Play, In-door & Outdoor games & activities . Most Important, the child will also learn to socialize, care & share with others in the class.


Education is the foundation for a child to succeed in life. Learning should start at a tender age and be progressive into different stages of life. What’s the future holds for the child depends on the amount of education he received.

At The Learning Train,  we are committed to nurture our children and prepare them to face challenges in school. Our aim is to prepare every child to have creativity, competence, confidence, good social skills and positive self-esteem.

Our fun-packed programme will provides pre-school children with early exposure to good English and Mandarin.  It will also create an opportunity for them to develop through structured and free play.

Playgroup Programme Words from Parents Registration
Common Playgroup Q&A
Playgroup Parent’s Guide

Our Philosophy

We believe that what the child will be tomorrow is depend on what he does today. Growing and learning are continuous processes, and we provide a conducive learning environment in which children could be nurtured and aspired through experiences.

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Suitable for 18 months to 3 years Old